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English Cartoons (Comicstrips)

mercredi 30 mars 2011

Dans le cadre du cours d’anglais, les élèves ont travaillé la bande dessinée : comment créer des personnages, les habiller différemment, leur donner une impression de mouvement et aussi ils ont intégré quelques notions d’anglais. Voici le résultat de leur travail.


Bad Morning Mortal Attack in the City by Raphael Scary Mother by Rapahel Nasty City by Raphael The Ugly Girls by Éloise The Bar is on Fire by Maxime Evening in a Bar by Marc-André Stupid Boy by William Help by William The Lazy Band by David My misadventure by Ariane My classmates by Ariane Audrey The fight by Daliane Gabrielle Class picture by Jessica Mr Martin by Jessica Class by Jessica Louis-David Evening by Marc-Andre The teleporting machine by Marc-Antoine Friends by Marika The Karma by Maxim-Olivier By Mégane My dog by Mégane My school material by Myriam The martians by Nathan By Niko Olivier The weird band by Remi By Samuel A costumed party by Sandy By Sarah-Maude By Vanessa A hunter by Zachary
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